INTERVIEW: Chloe Charles: “everybody sings in the shower”

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By Maaike van der Linden

With her second album With Blindfolds On, Chloe Charles explores her own orchestra soul-pop genre even more than on her debut album Break The Balance. With a lot of happy and sad emotion it marks a director approach, In which she encourages the listener to open up. LLUID sat down with the Canadian singer to talk about her new music.

What’s the biggest difference between your first and second album?
“This second album I produced myself. So everything is directed by me and my imagination, so It’s more honest I guess. Also the lyrics are more direct and less cryptic than the last one. I wrote a lot about things that happened the last couple of years. You know, break-ups, people dying, just life. I’m writing all the time.”

Could you discribe your orchestra soul pop?
“Well it’s not classical, it’s not pure jazz, it has pop inspirations and my voice is very soulful.”

But it doesn’t sound like a very sad album.
“Some people say it does. Some people only hear one side and be like that’s a really sad album and others hear the other side and say this album is so happy. I think it’s both sad and happy. The song Trough Your Eyes means a lot to me. It’s about family members who passed away. So that is one song I have strong emotional feelings with. It’s about people you love and they are gone. I am very proud of this album. It was a challenge but it was very rewarding. It was a lot of work but we did it so I’m very proud of that.”

What inspired you to start making music?
“Actually it was myself, I always wanted to but I was really shy. It was a personal feeling that I needed to do this and I wanted to do this, so I thought fuck it and I tried. It’s not that anyone told me to. I always think everybody sings, It’s a normal thing. I mean, everybody sings in the car or under the shower.”

In which city or concert hall would you like to perform at?
“I think Tokio because I’ve never been there. Every concert is special and I put the same energy in every concert. I enjoy every concert!”

How do you look back on the release of Break The Balance?
“I thought it was great. I didn’t love every part as well but you learn from every project you do. I’ve worked with an amazing group of musicians. I’ve learned the most that you have to feel good about everything and don’t compromise too much. I hope I can continue to be able to create new personal projects. I also hope to experiment with new styles of music and work with really talented people. I guess my greatest wish is to take that in and perform for a great audience who respect all of it and that I can sustain this career. I want to share that with more and more people.”

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