INTERVIEW: Chris Kroon from Pro Music Creator: “It will change the music industry forever!”

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By Karlijn Tielemans and Jaap Smit

Not being able to find the right bandmates in your town is something that belongs in history books from now on. Chris Kroon (1991) developed because of his need to find band memebers Pro Music Creator (PMC), an online platform that allows musicians worldwide to jam and record online. LLUID talked with Chris about this revolutionary way of making music.

What was the moment when you thought: “the world needs a music platform like this”?
“Since I was younger I was constantly looking for a music-making platform like Pro Music Creator. I got the oppurtunity to build it myself in February 2013. From that moment it only became more and more interesting.”

How does the music making world react to Pro Music Creator?
“The reactions are mainly positive once people understand what this project is about, they really like the concept of it. But there are still a lot of people who don’t really know what it is.”

The concept of Pro Music Creator was tested in a mall in The Netherlands. Check the video below to see how that went down:

Can PMC create the same atmosphere as when you’re playing with a band in real life?
“Playing in a band with your friends is more fun, I have to say that. But PMC does a very good job at letting you feel that you’re in a real band. When you can’t find the right musicians at where you live, PMC is next best thing.”

What if PMC becomes a massive hit, what would be the consequences for making music in the future?
“If it becomes a famous concept, it will change the music industry forever! Making music will be more about content, more about the instrumentalists and more about quality. Being excentric and stuff won’t be all that important anymore.”

When you are writing a song with musicians from different countries, who will get the rights to the written song?
“When you start a session in PMC you can choose between two options (unless you make another arrangement with the musicians which they sign). With the Admin Only-option, the one who initiates the session will get all the rights. Normally it will choose for Democratic, which means that the rights belong to each memeber that played at least one part in the song.”

With PMC, do you still have time to play music yourself?
“When you’re looking at codes the whole day I make sure I’ll take some time to play some music myself, haha!”

You probably hear a lot of songs that are made with PMC. Could you show us some of your favourite sessions?
“I really like this particular session, which is from an American vocal harmony group. They all sang their parts a capella, and turned out really fun! The website is relatively young, so we’re still waiting for exciting international bands to form via PMC. But it is already a great place to browse and discover some really talented artists! Let’s change the music industry with PMC!”

Get more information on Pro Music Creator here:


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