INTERVIEW: Patty Walters from As It Is: “We had to do our very best, it was an intense time”

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After four EP’s, the Brighton band As It Is will be releasing their first full-length album Never Happy, Ever After this week. Last year the band signed to the big Fearless Records and ever since the band has gained more and more popularity. LLUID sat down with singer Patty Walters to talk about their new music, pigs and past tour experiences.

Not too long ago you finished the Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour with Set It Off, ROAM and Against the Current. How did you like it?

“The Glamour Kills Tour was incredible. There were so many different intricacies that made it feel surreal, it accumulated to this overwhelming experience. We’ve known ROAM for two years, they are thirty minutes from Brighton. We played our first shows together, built fan bases and even gave each other our first merch designs. When we got signed to Fearless Records, they got signed to Hopeless Records. We almost had the same journey as a band and to experience our first big US tour together is just fantastic. The other bands, Set It Off and Against The Current were so welcoming, they’re great people and musicians. We also loved the crowd in the States, we miss it already.”

Before the tour, we talked with Set It Off about their weirdest spring break stories. Now the tour is done, can you tell us some weird stories from the tour?

“We had a pretty weird experience when we played in Ohio. Our van broke down, but luckily we had a place to stay. We stayed two nights at an old house with a very excentric mother. They also had a pet pig called Owen, haha. There happened so much weird stuff in that house, for example: ROAM-drummer Charlie’s wisdom teeth started to come through, so he walked around with a swollen face which he treated with alcohol. So we stayed two days in the house with Owen the pig. In the band we call such days ‘in babylon’, which means that you’re tired and not in the mood for anything. Those days off on tour are not our favourite days, we just wanna play. The days with Owen we’re a bit difficult to get through, with the van being broken down and all the weird things happening.”


In a couple of days your first album Never Happy, Ever After will come out. Before this album you released four EP’s. What are the big differences between recording those EP’s and this album?

“When we recorded This Mind Of Mine [self-released EP in 2014, red.], we recorded the four songs in five days. The recording of Never Happy, Ever After was eleven songs in five and a half weeks. Those numbers describe how different it was in comparison to our EP’s. We wrote the songs for the album in five months, in which we were writing songs literally every single day. It was an exhausting experience, but we are really proud of what we wrote. We recorded the album in Florida, with producer James Paul Wisner. Again, it was as much rewarding as it was exhausting. It was kind of sink or swim, we had to do our very best and try to learn as much as possible. It was an intense time.”

How did you use the extra space on this album to experiment with your sound?

“There are a lot of new sounds on this record and we approached songwriting in different ways. The last song on the record is called You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder and that might be the furthest from a song you’d expect from As It Is. It’s fingerpicked electric guitar with quiet vocals and a bunch of harmonies in the bridge. Lyrically it’s as you’d expect it; personal, pessimistic and insecure. We had a lot of room to play with who we wanted to be. It does sound like an As It Is record, but it’s also very broad and eclectic at times.”

as it is live melkweg(As It Is during their set in De Melkweg, April 17th)

This summer you’ll be playing the Vans Warped Tour in the United States with a lot of other bands. Of which band are you the proudest to share this tour with?

“I’m really excited to play it with Motion City Soundtrack; they are one of my favourite bands and their singer Justin Pierre is one of my favourite lyricsists of all time. I’ts also great to reunite with old friends, like Set It Off and Trophy Eyes. There aren’t a lot of British bands on the tour this year, maybe five or six, for example Neck Deep and Moose Blood. We are outweighed by American bands, so we want to do England proud, haha. We approach every set on the tour with the intent to have as much fun as possible and give it as much energy and passion as we can.”

(Photo’s: Sharon van der Werf)

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