VIDEO: HAIM houdt de zomer nog even vast in clip voor ‘Summer Girl’

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Vroeger was de zomer nog een heerlijk seizoen maar vandaag de dag wordt bij ieder verbroken hitterecord toch angstig gedacht aan hoe lang onze planeet dit nog volhoud. Dat de zomer naast een omstreden periode toch ook om een state of mind gaat bewijzen de HAIM-zussen, die met hun nieuwe single Summer Girl, die de zon zonder schuldgevoel keihard in je kop laat shinen. Scroll naar beneden om de video te bekijken.

Op Facebook deelde zangeres Danielle het verhaal achter het nummer: “[..] I wrote it around the time my partner was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago while we were making Something To Tell You. (he’s in the clear now!) […] I wanted to be his hope when he was feeling hopeless. so I kept singing these lines – I’m your sunny girl/ I’m your fuzzy girl/ I’m your summer girl – over the bass line. summer girl stuck. fast forward to a couple months ago -I remembered this demo and pulled it up from my phone. I brought it to my friend rostam to see if he wanted to work on it. he wrote the sax part within the first couple minutes of working on it and it all clicked. we were kinda joking about how the doot doot doot part reminded us of walk on the wild side and then he put this stand up bass part on top of the electric bass part and It sounded amazing! the palette was there- v inspired by Lou. and we kept it that way. I brought it back to my partner Ariel- where the inspo first started – and he put some finishing touches on it and here we are!”

Bekijk hier de clip voor Summer Girl:

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